Prostitution and the Hospitality Industry

The Unique Relationship Between Hotels and Prostitutes/Ladies of The Night/Call Girls/Escorts: A case study of the Hilton, Abuja.


‘They say prostitution is the oldest trade, well if that is true then the hotel business must be its greatest asset“ J

Quietly sitting in the Capital Bar at the Hilton hotel in Abuja, like many bars on a weekend in the city you notice a wide variety of girls. For the unassuming you probably will think these girls are just independent seeking fun-loving girls that like to come into bars on their own or in mini-groups. WRONG! As we mostly ended up observing, they are ‘ladies of the night’. They mill about, walk up to your table, signal you from afar, a bit of a dance here some there- they try to get your attention and measure your responses. If you are game BANG! They walk you to your room and probably assist you with your bad back as soon as the doors are closed ;). So as usual our concerns were with the staff – we ask them how this is being allowed to happen and nothing is being done about it. They mostly have no response, some point to the fact that expatriates seem to patronize them a lot, the rest of the staff seem to insist that hotel policy forbids prostitution and action will be taken.

Obviously nothing happened or will happen. You then begin to wonder if as a wise man once said “silence is tacit approval of an action”, are the hotels deliberately opening their doors to prostitutes, is this some sort of business strategy? Working in a bigger hotel chain in England I can definitely say that the hotel industry frowns on prostitution. The hotel policies are usually very strict when it comes to staff soliciting prostitutes for guests but there is never much hotel management can do when guests bring in prostitutes to the bar or take them up to their rooms.

Before I quit my hotel job, we had a guest stay with us every week and he always made sure he brought back two hot looking females to warm his bed. The relationship is established; men leave their wives in other cities and come over to new ones for ‘business’. At the close of ‘business’ however a couple of them bring in these ladies to keep them company, but rarely do you see them milling about in the hotels bars soliciting clients tactfully within the hotel premises.

At the Hilton, Abuja and honestly many other properties in the city, prostitutes hang out in the hotels bars and there isn’t much hotel management can do. Or is there? Can they do more to chase out ladies that they ‘suspect’ are prostitutes? Well you won’t want to be the manager who approves accidentally kicking out the GM’s daughter just because she dressed like a hooker and you mistook her as one.

There has to be a way some hotels do it, it is not in my place as usual to proffer solutions- it’s perhaps in my place to just type out what my brain is struggling to relate to my hands 🙂

I leave you with a quote from an expatriate resident at the Hilton hotel – “so many girls working to make a living off the expatriates at the hotel, its disgraceful. I will never bring my children here” LOL!