Italy: Nigerias European Doppelganger. lol!

My Italian friend once said to me “your country is so much like ours, no” I wasn’t sure if that was a question or a statement but I understood what he meant- Italians and Nigerians do have quite a few similarities.

The Trip To Italy:

Italy, officially known as the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Southeren Europe. To the north, Italy borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

Weather: Situated in the temperate Zone, I regard the country as a land of sunny, mild weather (something I am used too). In the Alps however, temperatures are lower and winters can be long and severe. But generally July to September is usually warm. For those who like to Ski, with climate change many ski resorts can remain distressingly snow-free until early January this days, as opposed to packed with snow from early November as it used to be in the good old days.

The country is dissimilar to Nigeria in certain areas not limited to exceptional infrastructural and technological advancement.

Similarities with Nigeria: it usually requires patience to deal with the ‘Italian concept’ of service, which like dear ol Nigeria doesn’t follow the Maxim that the customer is always right. While often courteous and friendly, some people in uniform or behind a counter (including police officers, waiters and shop assistants) may regard you with supreme indifference. (Pros: The men in uniform are atleast professional and do not hungrily seek bribes for performing their duties unlike their Nigerian Brothers lol!)

Long queues are also the order of the day everywhere.

Theft: thankfully I didn’t hear about gun men armed to the teeth and raiding peoples homes in Naples or Rome. Most issues of theft revolve around pickpockets who target poor tourist and snatch away valuables. Try to use the safe in the hotel, if you have to carry you valuables around, secure them and keep your eyes open JUST LIKE YOU WOULD IN LAGOS..