9jalovesHip-hop TV show aka 9LHH is basically a reality TV show surrounding the day to day lives of celebrities in the Nigerian Music Industry. The series follows the lives of your favorite Nigerian entertainers like Banky W, Wizkid, BurnaBoy, and N6 etc. Each Season of 9LHH will have no less than three and no more than four new artistes. Our goal is to portray the good, bad, ugly, joys and spoils of being an entertainer in the Nigerian music industry. From their love life, family, touring, to concerts; name it, 9LHH will have it covered.

9LHH is a medium designed to document the development and growth of Nigerian artistes and their music in the entertainment industry. We provide a platform for artists to sell themselves to the general public; we give these artists the chance to tell their story how they want it to be heard, then we package it into a reality Tv show.

Ultimately, 9LHH aims to foster a stronger relationship between artists and their fans through the show by opening the audiences’ eyes to the struggles it takes to be an artist in the Nigerian music industry. 9LHH will be a new form of entertainment for the audience, seeing as nothing like this has been done in Nigeria.

Right now what we are putting together is the Test pilot for the show 9LHH. We intend to use it as a platform to gain followership, get feedback from viewers, and map out our target audience. Most importantly also create some kind of buzz and hype for the show.

We have released two promo videos which essentially break down what the show is about. Also dropping soon is “a day in the life” of selected artists (here we would have our cameras follow these artists from the crack of dawn through to night time).

Check out the links below for our social media pages and also watch our promo videos as well.

Checkout our YouTube page

Copy and paste link to URL: Www.youtube.com/watch?v=F15CptIrYjo


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