Planning For a Trip To Brazil


Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region. It is the worlds fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population. It also has one of the fastest growing economies and is one of the five BRICS(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) nations. The prediction is that by 2050 the combined GDP of all five countries will surpass that of the current G7/8 nations.

Capital: Brasilia
Currency: Brazilian Real
Official Language: Portuguese


In 2014 you can either head for the carnival or the World Cup which is going to be hosted by Brazil. For the carnival February is probably the best time, but to enjoy it you will have to love crowds and partying. The Worldcup is usually for a month and should be sometime in June, which coincidentally offers the best weather period in Brazil. So February or June will be the perfect time to enjoy Brazil in 2014.


Like I say always, every city is as dangerous as you make it. Stay away from dark alleys, walk in groups at night, avoid carrying loads of cash(most hotel rooms have safes). Remember you are on a holiday, you don’t really need to show off. If you are in Rio, watch the street kids who usually appear innocent and cute (don’t stare into their big blue eyes) YOU WILL MOST OFTEN THAN NOT BE Pick Pocketeeed lol!

If you are single, be careful who you take back to your hotel room. It is one of the easiest ways to become a victim of theft or violence. And of course, don’t leave your drink unattended.


Most Africans will require a visa to fly to Brazil- In Nigeria the Brazilian Embassy is situated in Lagos and Abuja, you can also visit their website for details on the requirements for a tourist visa.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never can tell what you get” BOOM!


2 thoughts on “Planning For a Trip To Brazil

  1. New totesphite
    Nice piece you wrote about events in Brazil in the coming year…It sure would be a place to visit… However, i expect you discuss;
    1. the impact of the political turmoil on African tourist, especially in light of the anti-world cup protests in the country.
    2. What also would be economic implication of the tourists compared to other world class cities of their kind?
    3. Where do you suggest are the sights and sounds in the country?

    these lights might help intending travelers not suffer the fate of the 2010 South African word cup.


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