Nigerian Universities

Disgraceful Public Nigerian Universities

It is a shame that ASUU let it get to this in the first place. I constantly ask, why is it that despite ASUU consistently going on strike for years the infrastructure in public universities have decayed so much? Is it that they were only focused on fighting for their earnings? Way before I enrolled for a university degree (thankfully not in the public system) I was well aware of ASUU going on strike for mostly negotiating higher salaries for lecturer and other staff but never once heard of this fight for infrastructural decay.

Its so sad going from the posted pictures (sourced from Linda Ikeji’s blog) how the school authorities have allowed infrastructure get so bad.

I don’t entirely blame the government because I know that the school authorities cannot claim that they have not been getting funds to maintain infrastructure. Is it possible that the government hasn’t been allocating revenue, enough to even maintain hostel toilets? If they haven’t why not shut down schools as soon as monies were being held back?

Is it not wicked to provide accommodation without toilets, or rooms without beds? If it is a challenge why not provide a ground for private businesses to establish in conjunction with Universities proper, well maintained hostels outside the universities. How did cultism become such an issue?

Where was ASUU when most university classes were over crowded? In my opinion this standoff with government was due at least 12 years ago. ASUU should not back off this time because of greed and increased salaries.

This is a highly opinionated piece and wasn’t researched (don’t take it too seriously).

Common ASUU do what is right, keep the Nigerian universities shut until long term funding and management commitments are agreed upon.

Pardon any grammatical errors I am a product of the Nigerian system :). Really though I was driving and typing BOOM!


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