We went in to sort of have lunch and half review the restaurant and the rooms at the Ibro Annex hotel, right beside the Guarantee Trust Bank in Wuse Zone 5.

The Annex II is a smaller version of the main Ibro Hotel just up the road. They have still managed to squeeze in a lovely poolside bar and as expected limited but essential parking spaces.

We didn’t make a booking at the restaurant partly because no one seems to be bothered with that around here. The bliss of being in Nigeria 🙂
We made our way to perfectly set tables and ordered the same old boring Rice and Yellow Eba.lol!

Ok! My colleague had the yellow eba and some afang soup while I had the jollof rice, some peppered stew and a cheeky bottle of heineken :). It was exactly mid-day and MY RULE OF DRINKING states: ‘it is a sin to drink before NOON” whew!

Service was excellent actually, the lady who waited the bar and the guy that did our table were attentive and helpful. When we asked about the origin of the fish we also had he went on to give us a detailed origin of the fish and that surely satisfied our curiosity. Apparently the fish are a special breed, tended to maturity by dedicated fish breeders in Rivers State, Nigeria. Hell! We didn’t care if he lied, we enjoyed his story.

There is a nice artificial turf laid out on the balcony over-looking the city where you can choose to have a meal or a drink in the open, looked beautiful I must add.

Their prices were reasonable and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience at the Ibro Annex II.

We took a quick look at their rooms also, less impressed because we had to walk up the stairs :(.

We recommend the Ibro Annex II, it shouldn’t be your first choice when visiting Abuja but should come in number 15-22 on your list.

………. ….. …. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….
Happy erm, rest of the week maybe? :p


1 thought on “IBRO HOTEL ANNEX II

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