Perhaps a couple reasons we fail

I. I am an introvert.

Many business men and professionals can’t be bothered connecting and engaging with others effortlessly, many of us look at people who seem to connect and engage with others “effortlessly” and say, “Well, I just can’t do that – I’m an introvert.” Even I/we struggle with this everyday, because really I think I am an introvert, a likable one but still an introvert nonetheless.

Well I have got bad news for introvert small business owners and introverts alike, being able to attract people to your cause, and articulate your goals and desires in a compelling way that elicits trust, loyalty and support is a skill you must hone.  It’s a non-negotiable according to a write-up on So I am learning like you should to do what’s required to learn how to connect with people more successfully. It is implied perhaps truthfully that today, we will not find work or generate new clients by sitting at our desk and trying to connect online, hiding behind your computer, or just asking your friends for help.  According to the write-up, LinkedIn is powerful, but it won’t get you work either lol!. 

It is only through engaging personally with colleagues, peers, competitors, and new supporters, demonstrating your skills and talents and your passion, and being of service in a powerful way that breeds more success.  Advice: Don’t let your introversion and the limited way in which you view yourself become an impassable obstacle to creating the success you long for. Whaaeey!

2. Thinking that your skills and talents are enough to get you work seems to be another problem.

Haven’t we all heard this ten thousand times – “But I’m really great at what I do!” Meaning, “Why am I not getting clients or these jobs I’m interviewing for? I’m very skilled and talented.”
The tough or sad truth is that we are in competition with thousands of others who are just as skilled and talented as you are (some even more).  That should not make you afraid; it’s just reality. I have struggled with this fact as a self-employed but career hopeful entrepreneur(whatever that means).

In business folklore though, the key to creating more success is to: 1) identify what you’re uniquely gifted at, 2) understand who you like to serve best and the outcomes you enjoy delivering most , 3) communicate and demonstrate that important differentiation in everything you do.

Know what makes you special – what makes you tick, what you’re passionate about, and how you are different – and use it to help the world and community around you.  Once you do that, you’ll understand that your competition can’t hold you back.

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Have a lovely weekend……


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