Opening of Westpoint Casino

Westpoint Hotel Limited located right behind NAFDAC/National Population Commission/Road Safety in Wuse Zone 7, Abuja recently launched a fully functional casino in its premises.

Okay flyers and emails were sent out but no ‘opening’ or ‘closing’ time is stated on any of their adverts.
I went the extra mile to call the numbers they provided and the resulting dialogue is illustrated below:

Totesphere- Hi I got an email from you talking about your new casino, do you have any ideas when it opens or closes?

Westpoint Staff- Errrrrrrrrmmmmmmm the guy who usually knows is not around- ermm but I think it opens at 9am.

Totesphere- Really, can you find out the proper information please?

Westpoint Staff- sorry sir, I think it opens at 9am and closes at errmm about 6pm.

Totesphere- Just to let you know that in your adverts nothing relating to ‘opening’ or ‘closing’ time was indicated. Infact it just says your name and address and reads ‘CASINO’ in large letters.

Westpoint Staff- Sorry about that sir, we will look into it.

Totesphere- you don’t need to be sorry, thanks anyway.

In essence Yeah westpoint hotels limited have recently opened up a casino in its premises. From its lack of information I am not sure what to make of it. I am not sure what business they will also actually attract if they stick with the opening and closing time the nice lady on the phone informed me of.

Overall it is still probably worth trying out on a boring wednesday isn’t it? Tick tock tick tock…………

Maybe! Maybe Not! Maybe! Maybe Not!

Check it out will you 😐 (according to the Lady on the other side of the Telephone).. 09:00hrs-18:00hrs 🙂


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