5 More Things I Hate About Hotel Websites

1. Slow Loading Pages:
Many things get me peeved but one of them is definitely trying to book a hotel and it takes forever to load. Developer! Nigerian Developers buckle up and provide dependable servers.

2. Clustered and Overly Complicated Interface:
Too much overlapping information is always bad, always. Keep it simple and most customers will value the experience more.

3. Doctored Photography: Perhaps you have checked into a hotel and found the display pictures on the website completely different from the reality you meet. I hate it, hate it when the hotel pictures show something completely different- even if it is doctored don’t make it as obvious.

4. Hidden Cost: written in small print, a 10 page notice that no one reads. Make your charges clear for all to understand.

5. ERROR: Taking 5-10minutes to make a booking and getting to the end- Click- ‘ERROR PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER’ arghhhhh…… Please ensure that soon as your website is LIVE- It Works šŸ™‚

http://www.totesphere.com (Almost Live)


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