BlogPlay: Episode/Scene Two




Tenubola                                                        Ceo and Owner of Tote hotels

Lopes                                                              Hotel Manager

Paula                                                              Hardworking hotel F&B manager

Guest 1

Guest 2

Sandra                                                            Eccentric Switchboard Lady

Mr Benjamin                                                  VIP Guest

Mrs Cole                                                         Regular Guest (Cadbury Nigeria MD)

Jennifer                                                          Lazy receptionist

Georgine                                                         Dedicated reception manager

Savas                                                              Night Manager

Dembele                                                         Over qualified receptionist

Musa                                                               Security

Mr Bernanke                                                 General Manager

Grace                                                              Head Housekeeper

Peter                                                               Night Staff

Damilola                                                         Head of concierge

Tope                                                               Night staff (Trainee Manager)

Pelumi                                                            Night staff

Sadiq                                                              Night Staff





There is pandemonium. Someone has set off the fire alarm in the hotel, the phones are buzzing, it is probably guests calling down to ask if there is a need for panic. The Night manager and another staff member have made the dash immediately to the fire panel to get the location of the fire. Georgine has gone home and the ever-reliable Tope is here to cover for Sadiq.


Savas              –           It is a break glass unit on the third floor. Tope please go get the screwdriver and a replacement glass panel; I suspect it is a drunken guest having a laugh. 


Tope               –           Alright boss! 


Savas              –           Peter! Peter! Stay on the desk and assure all guests that we are currently investigating the issue and apologize to as many people as possible.


Peter              –           Not a problem.


Savas              –           (Picks up his phone to call the bar manager) Hi  can I get a member of your team here please. I need someone to assist us for a couple minutes.


Guest 1          –           Excuse me! Excuse me! Are we on fire, do we need to evacuate this building?


Savas              –           (Smiles) no maam all will be sorted out in a second. You can stay at the reception while we sort it out, the lifts wont work anyway. I am sorry about the inconvenience.


Tope               –           (Running towards the stairs) Dude we have 4minutes before the full alarm goes off, meet me on the third floor. I have the concierge deck phone on me.


Savas              –           Great.

Savas is trying to quickly explain to the bar staff what to do with the panel as soon as the replacement glass is fitted.


Savas              –           Mate, if it isn’t a real fire I will fit in the new glass and as soon as that is done I will give you a call on this phone (hands her a phone) please just hit the reset button on the panel. For now press ‘silent’ twice on the panel as soon as the pre-alarm attempts to go off.


Bar Staff        –           Okay.


Savas runs up the stairs, stops on the third floor.


Savas              –           (he sights Tope, but there is a naked man standing right next to him laughing). Tope, are you alright, is that the broken glass point?


Tope               –           Yes it is. Sir please step away from me. 

Tope and Savas are seen unscrewing the break point unit and replacing the broken glass. Savas also calls the bar staff and Peter, he lets them know it was a false alarm. (they also whisper in hushed tones about the naked man).


Savas              –           Whew! That’s it. Thanks Tope. Sir I understand that you told my colleague you locked yourself out of your room and set off the alarm to get our attention?


Guest 2          –           (visibly drunk) yes I did, how else was I to reach you incompetent fools?


Savas              –           There is no need for that sir. I will like you to understand that what you just did is a serious offense and could have cost the hotel a lot of money paying out compensation if we had to evacuate the over two hundred guest staying in tonight. For the fact that you have showed no remorse I will like to inform you that you will be surcharged a 25,000 naira fee (£100) for your actions.


Guest 2          –           I will like to speak to the manager, what rubbish are you talking? 25,000 for what, this is silly.


Savas              –           I am the duty manager for tonight sir.


Guest 2          –           Hisses. Open my door for me and charge me whatever, I don’t care.


Savas              –           Sorry about locking yourself out, but setting off the alarm is not the solution. (opens up guests door).


Guest 2          –           I will be telling your General Manager that you left me out of my room stark naked to tell me I will be charged 25,000 naira. (Punches the wall and bangs the door)


Tope               –           Crazy rich people. 

They walk back down the stairs to the reception talking about how much they hate rich people.


Savas  –           (thanks the bar staff) Peter please lock the glass doors. Anyone hungry yet? Hey Tope please charge the guest in room 305 25,000naira for setting off the alarm, I’ll add that to my handover. 

Everyone places his or her food order; Savas takes the staff food request to the in house chef. He comes back and describes events of the naked guest to staff members in the back office.





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