Tenubola                                                        Ceo and Owner of Tote hotels

Lopes                                                              Hotel Manager

Paula                                                              Hardworking hotel F&B manager

Guest 1

Guest 2

Sandra                                                            Eccentric Switchboard Lady

Mr Benjamin                                                       VIP Guest

Mrs Cole                                                               Regular Guest (Cadbury Nigeria MD)

Jennifer                                                                 Lazy receptionist

Georgine                                                               Dedicated reception manager

Savas                                                                     Night Manager

Dembele                                                                Over qualified receptionist

Musa                                                                      Security

Mr Bernanke                                                         General Manager

Grace                                                                     Head Housekeeper

Peter                                                                     Night Staff

Damilola                                                               Head of concierge

Tope                                                                     Night staff (Trainee Manager)

Pelumi                                                                        Night staff

Sadiq                                                                          Night Staff


Tote hotels is a thriving four-star hotel in the heart of the beautiful capital city of Nigeria, Abuja. It came into business five years ago, Its clientele is a mix of mainly business guest (during the week) and the loud and rowdy young fun seekers who mostly come around through the weekends.

This is a Blog Sketch Drama that will go on for two weeks, it will potray the life of highly flexible and hardworking low earning hotel staff who work hard for that next paycheck lol! Things happen in hotel Tote that will blow your mind (or not).





Like it is with most hotels Tote also has a problem with keeping hold of quality staff and currently has a problem with staff being short in some departments. The front desk/nights team and housekeeping have been getting bad review on and some on, in the last week. Mr Bernanke has been made aware of the development during the morning meeting and through the day has sent out emails to kick departmental heads in the butt.


Georgine is handing over to the Night Manager (Savas) and screaming down the phone at the F&B ‘stand in’ manager who has just recently mismanaged a situation with a regular guest in the bar. ……………. ……………………………………..


Savas            –           (looking at the screen in the back office ) Georgine there is only one person checking-in guests and there is a small queue.

Georgine     –           Wait! Wait! Listen to me, Sadiq called in sick today for his shift, I rang Tope on his day off again to please come in at 11pm, you know we have to watch the budget. Ermm we are also currently overbooked by two guests (20 arrivals and 18 inspected rooms to check them into), keep an eye on that…

Savas            –           (sits on the table) ooohh Georgine you know how busy Fridays get, what do you mean watch the budget? You were going to pay Sadiq anyways, arghhhhh…. .. . . .

Georgine     –           I’ll wait until half 10 to help out. You wont understand, Sadiq earns less so it works out better for us.

Sandra         –           (switchboard lady). With a mouth full of chocolate responds Georgine you are such an arsehole. You know you aren’t going to help out one bit the poor lad will be left on his own.

Georgine     –           Shut up you. Your only making things worse.

Savas            –           (Angry) Georgine I am going to assist on the desk, I don’t want Jennifer coming in here to moan. I have my deck phone if you need me and ermm Peter has gone to park a guest car.

 Georgine     –           okay. Tell Jennifer she can go home. Remind her to drop her float in the safe and bank any cash she received please.


DOOR SHUTS. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Jennifer is walking into the back office angry, it is 21:25 she has worked for an extra 1hour 25minutes without pay and she is ready to give Georgine a great big moan.

Jennifer       –           Why the hell Georgine, why did you choose to leave just me on the late shift on a Friday? I heard you had 4 people on the early, this is rubbish.

Jennifer       –           George! George! George!! What the hell, why are you pretending to work, what are you doing?

Georgine     –           Are you blind? I am trying to sort out next weeks work schedule, please don’t start. I have been working since 7:30 in the morning so please, please don’t get on my nerves.

Jennifer       –           Arghhhh I hate this place. (packs her bags and turns to leave)

Sandra           –           Wait! Wait! Lets go together I should have closed at 9 whew! (calls Savas’s phone and hands over pending issues)

Jennifer & Sandra           “BYE GEORGINE”!!! 

Georgine       –           Have a lovely night ladies. Hey Jennifer sorry about raising my voice, you know I appreciate your staying back to help out. I owe you a drink or a kiss for later. (smiles)  

Jennifer         –           hehehe not interested Georgine, be professional. Bye!!




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