The Internet Business (INFORMATION OVERLOAD)

Working on a start-up business is harder than you can imagine. It is even more harder when you try to start-up one with a base in the bubble called the ‘internet’ whew!

I have come across everything from ‘how to develop brand recognition’ to the origin and benefits of affiliate marketing. I have come across affiliate marketing sites like ‘’, run into all kinds of twitter marketers who promise to provide you followers for a fee (with no promise of actual customers visiting and using your services). Tips on how to run a blog, how to make money with a blog, how to make money with your website, the state of the hospitality industry in Nigeria, targeting your core market, googleadsense, advertising, AdWords, pay-per-click, stumbleUponAds, sponsored reviews, principles of marketing, business ethics….. ….. ……… … ….. …. …… ….

We woke up this morning screaming ‘INFORMATION OVERLOAD’!!!!!!

Arguably the most important information of all, the one that constantly speaks to US is; ‘Building credibility and trust’

The only way to win lifelong customers who sing your praises across the rooftops and the chat rooms of the world is to make good on your promises. Delivering the goods efficiently, politely and with as little intrusion on the customer’s life as possible will make your customers love you, and they’ll tell their friends about how great you are. Failing to deliver can destroy your online business faster than you can imagine.

I hope for the life of me that We learn enough to make a brand Nigerian hotel owners, reviewers and hotel lovers will appreciate and grow fond of.

Traffic, Traffic Traffic- we sure need to generate traffic as soon as the website launches OR the CREDITOR will have my fingers and maybe toes.

Arghhh….. …..


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