Travel sites very popular with Nigerian internet users

Most travel agencies in Nigeria do not invest in having some online presence, with time I see them re-adjusting or running out of business.

I ran into a few:


Asides the weird looking picture of Mrs Sally Mbanefo this website looks well managed for a Nigerian based, government run website. You cannot really do much on it, but it gives you basic information and provides links to other service providers in Nigeria. The aim is to sell Nigeria and I give it a pass mark.


Wakanow is probably the most popular amongst the travel based websites in Nigeria. You can plan your trips with Wakanow, book flight tickets, reserve hotel rooms, airport pickups and drop-offs. Well managed, well run this is certainly the best of them all.

3) www​

Lonely planet Nigeria gives advice on the best places to stay, best places for entertainment, places to avoid, where to shop e.t.c. Not well run in my opinion- Lonely planet perhaps not investing as much in Nigeria because of our image problems and lack of structures in the hospitality industry.


Mayfair Travels website, they claim to be the leaders in travel services in Nigeria with a variety of services on offer. I got put off by a long form I had to fill out to request a flight booking. In simple terms you cannot book a flight directly through them. Process is not straight forward, it defeats the aim of ‘ease’ a major selling point for internet based services.

Have a wonderful day folks……


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