BlogPlay: Episode/Scene Two




Tenubola                                                        Ceo and Owner of Tote hotels

Lopes                                                              Hotel Manager

Paula                                                              Hardworking hotel F&B manager

Guest 1

Guest 2

Sandra                                                            Eccentric Switchboard Lady

Mr Benjamin                                                  VIP Guest

Mrs Cole                                                         Regular Guest (Cadbury Nigeria MD)

Jennifer                                                          Lazy receptionist

Georgine                                                         Dedicated reception manager

Savas                                                              Night Manager

Dembele                                                         Over qualified receptionist

Musa                                                               Security

Mr Bernanke                                                 General Manager

Grace                                                              Head Housekeeper

Peter                                                               Night Staff

Damilola                                                         Head of concierge

Tope                                                               Night staff (Trainee Manager)

Pelumi                                                            Night staff

Sadiq                                                              Night Staff





There is pandemonium. Someone has set off the fire alarm in the hotel, the phones are buzzing, it is probably guests calling down to ask if there is a need for panic. The Night manager and another staff member have made the dash immediately to the fire panel to get the location of the fire. Georgine has gone home and the ever-reliable Tope is here to cover for Sadiq.


Savas              –           It is a break glass unit on the third floor. Tope please go get the screwdriver and a replacement glass panel; I suspect it is a drunken guest having a laugh. 


Tope               –           Alright boss! 


Savas              –           Peter! Peter! Stay on the desk and assure all guests that we are currently investigating the issue and apologize to as many people as possible.


Peter              –           Not a problem.


Savas              –           (Picks up his phone to call the bar manager) Hi  can I get a member of your team here please. I need someone to assist us for a couple minutes.


Guest 1          –           Excuse me! Excuse me! Are we on fire, do we need to evacuate this building?


Savas              –           (Smiles) no maam all will be sorted out in a second. You can stay at the reception while we sort it out, the lifts wont work anyway. I am sorry about the inconvenience.


Tope               –           (Running towards the stairs) Dude we have 4minutes before the full alarm goes off, meet me on the third floor. I have the concierge deck phone on me.


Savas              –           Great.

Savas is trying to quickly explain to the bar staff what to do with the panel as soon as the replacement glass is fitted.


Savas              –           Mate, if it isn’t a real fire I will fit in the new glass and as soon as that is done I will give you a call on this phone (hands her a phone) please just hit the reset button on the panel. For now press ‘silent’ twice on the panel as soon as the pre-alarm attempts to go off.


Bar Staff        –           Okay.


Savas runs up the stairs, stops on the third floor.


Savas              –           (he sights Tope, but there is a naked man standing right next to him laughing). Tope, are you alright, is that the broken glass point?


Tope               –           Yes it is. Sir please step away from me. 

Tope and Savas are seen unscrewing the break point unit and replacing the broken glass. Savas also calls the bar staff and Peter, he lets them know it was a false alarm. (they also whisper in hushed tones about the naked man).


Savas              –           Whew! That’s it. Thanks Tope. Sir I understand that you told my colleague you locked yourself out of your room and set off the alarm to get our attention?


Guest 2          –           (visibly drunk) yes I did, how else was I to reach you incompetent fools?


Savas              –           There is no need for that sir. I will like you to understand that what you just did is a serious offense and could have cost the hotel a lot of money paying out compensation if we had to evacuate the over two hundred guest staying in tonight. For the fact that you have showed no remorse I will like to inform you that you will be surcharged a 25,000 naira fee (£100) for your actions.


Guest 2          –           I will like to speak to the manager, what rubbish are you talking? 25,000 for what, this is silly.


Savas              –           I am the duty manager for tonight sir.


Guest 2          –           Hisses. Open my door for me and charge me whatever, I don’t care.


Savas              –           Sorry about locking yourself out, but setting off the alarm is not the solution. (opens up guests door).


Guest 2          –           I will be telling your General Manager that you left me out of my room stark naked to tell me I will be charged 25,000 naira. (Punches the wall and bangs the door)


Tope               –           Crazy rich people. 

They walk back down the stairs to the reception talking about how much they hate rich people.


Savas  –           (thanks the bar staff) Peter please lock the glass doors. Anyone hungry yet? Hey Tope please charge the guest in room 305 25,000naira for setting off the alarm, I’ll add that to my handover. 

Everyone places his or her food order; Savas takes the staff food request to the in house chef. He comes back and describes events of the naked guest to staff members in the back office.





Vacancy for Italian Chef De Cuisine

So many people are unemployed at the moment decided to contribute a bit today :). Goodluck

Job Details
Italian Chef De Cuisine – 4 Star Hotel Nigeria

Location: Africa
Salary: Good Expatriate Package
Date posted: 22nd August 2013
Recruiter: Hospitality Search International.

Based in Nigeria – 4 Star deluxe hotel complex with extensive restaurants and banqueting facilities is looking to hire an Italian Specialty Chef for the Italian Restaurant.

The successful candidate will have a minimum of 3 -5 years experience in a senior position. They are looking for an enthusiastic national with solid Italian / Mediterranean culinary skills. Married contract offered with full expatriate package.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Follow the link below or copy and paste into your browser:


Nigeria Is Negotiable – Essays on Nigeria’s Tortuous Road To Democracy And Nationhood : Book Review By Nnimmo Bassey.

Rivers of Hope


By Nnimmo Bassey

Chido Onumah warns of the truth of this saying a few times in his book, Nigeria is Negotiable: that when history repeats itself, and it happens quite often in places where people do not learn from history, what takes place is a farcical replay of tragedy.

It must be said right away that this 460-page book is a work of passion and deep concern for all who live in the geographical contours that define Nigeria.  It is an unrelenting critique of the political class as well as the deep display of disappointment that we keep moving in circles without paying heed to the lessons that are thrown at us.

The critical praise for the book, the foreword by Hafsat Abiola-Costello, the preface by Chidi Anselm Odinkalu, the prologue by Anthony Akinola, the introduction by Yakubu Aboki Ochefu and the author’s note speak volume about what…

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Tenubola                                                        Ceo and Owner of Tote hotels

Lopes                                                              Hotel Manager

Paula                                                              Hardworking hotel F&B manager

Guest 1

Guest 2

Sandra                                                            Eccentric Switchboard Lady

Mr Benjamin                                                       VIP Guest

Mrs Cole                                                               Regular Guest (Cadbury Nigeria MD)

Jennifer                                                                 Lazy receptionist

Georgine                                                               Dedicated reception manager

Savas                                                                     Night Manager

Dembele                                                                Over qualified receptionist

Musa                                                                      Security

Mr Bernanke                                                         General Manager

Grace                                                                     Head Housekeeper

Peter                                                                     Night Staff

Damilola                                                               Head of concierge

Tope                                                                     Night staff (Trainee Manager)

Pelumi                                                                        Night staff

Sadiq                                                                          Night Staff


Tote hotels is a thriving four-star hotel in the heart of the beautiful capital city of Nigeria, Abuja. It came into business five years ago, Its clientele is a mix of mainly business guest (during the week) and the loud and rowdy young fun seekers who mostly come around through the weekends.

This is a Blog Sketch Drama that will go on for two weeks, it will potray the life of highly flexible and hardworking low earning hotel staff who work hard for that next paycheck lol! Things happen in hotel Tote that will blow your mind (or not).





Like it is with most hotels Tote also has a problem with keeping hold of quality staff and currently has a problem with staff being short in some departments. The front desk/nights team and housekeeping have been getting bad review on and some on, in the last week. Mr Bernanke has been made aware of the development during the morning meeting and through the day has sent out emails to kick departmental heads in the butt.


Georgine is handing over to the Night Manager (Savas) and screaming down the phone at the F&B ‘stand in’ manager who has just recently mismanaged a situation with a regular guest in the bar. ……………. ……………………………………..


Savas            –           (looking at the screen in the back office ) Georgine there is only one person checking-in guests and there is a small queue.

Georgine     –           Wait! Wait! Listen to me, Sadiq called in sick today for his shift, I rang Tope on his day off again to please come in at 11pm, you know we have to watch the budget. Ermm we are also currently overbooked by two guests (20 arrivals and 18 inspected rooms to check them into), keep an eye on that…

Savas            –           (sits on the table) ooohh Georgine you know how busy Fridays get, what do you mean watch the budget? You were going to pay Sadiq anyways, arghhhhh…. .. . . .

Georgine     –           I’ll wait until half 10 to help out. You wont understand, Sadiq earns less so it works out better for us.

Sandra         –           (switchboard lady). With a mouth full of chocolate responds Georgine you are such an arsehole. You know you aren’t going to help out one bit the poor lad will be left on his own.

Georgine     –           Shut up you. Your only making things worse.

Savas            –           (Angry) Georgine I am going to assist on the desk, I don’t want Jennifer coming in here to moan. I have my deck phone if you need me and ermm Peter has gone to park a guest car.

 Georgine     –           okay. Tell Jennifer she can go home. Remind her to drop her float in the safe and bank any cash she received please.


DOOR SHUTS. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Jennifer is walking into the back office angry, it is 21:25 she has worked for an extra 1hour 25minutes without pay and she is ready to give Georgine a great big moan.

Jennifer       –           Why the hell Georgine, why did you choose to leave just me on the late shift on a Friday? I heard you had 4 people on the early, this is rubbish.

Jennifer       –           George! George! George!! What the hell, why are you pretending to work, what are you doing?

Georgine     –           Are you blind? I am trying to sort out next weeks work schedule, please don’t start. I have been working since 7:30 in the morning so please, please don’t get on my nerves.

Jennifer       –           Arghhhh I hate this place. (packs her bags and turns to leave)

Sandra           –           Wait! Wait! Lets go together I should have closed at 9 whew! (calls Savas’s phone and hands over pending issues)

Jennifer & Sandra           “BYE GEORGINE”!!! 

Georgine       –           Have a lovely night ladies. Hey Jennifer sorry about raising my voice, you know I appreciate your staying back to help out. I owe you a drink or a kiss for later. (smiles)  

Jennifer         –           hehehe not interested Georgine, be professional. Bye!!



Put Your Money Where Your Blog Is: Should You Pay for Traffic?


The Daily Post

Even those of us who blog for purely personal reasons appreciate some validation, whether comments, likes, or just pageviews. Encouraging that feedback is one of the most frustrating things for many bloggers; when we hit “publish,” we want to see the little bar graph go up, up, and away and when we don’t, it’s discouraging. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what readers respond to — a labor of love sinks like a stone, while a five-minute rant makes the rounds on Twitter.

Looking to give your site a boost and reach new audiences? From a custom domain to advanced SEO tools and more design options, there’s a plan that’s right for you.

There’s plenty of advice on attracting and engaging readers (some of it from us), most of which requires time and effort without guaranteed success . . . although there is one foolproof method: pay for traffic…

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The Internet Business (INFORMATION OVERLOAD)

Working on a start-up business is harder than you can imagine. It is even more harder when you try to start-up one with a base in the bubble called the ‘internet’ whew!

I have come across everything from ‘how to develop brand recognition’ to the origin and benefits of affiliate marketing. I have come across affiliate marketing sites like ‘’, run into all kinds of twitter marketers who promise to provide you followers for a fee (with no promise of actual customers visiting and using your services). Tips on how to run a blog, how to make money with a blog, how to make money with your website, the state of the hospitality industry in Nigeria, targeting your core market, googleadsense, advertising, AdWords, pay-per-click, stumbleUponAds, sponsored reviews, principles of marketing, business ethics….. ….. ……… … ….. …. …… ….

We woke up this morning screaming ‘INFORMATION OVERLOAD’!!!!!!

Arguably the most important information of all, the one that constantly speaks to US is; ‘Building credibility and trust’

The only way to win lifelong customers who sing your praises across the rooftops and the chat rooms of the world is to make good on your promises. Delivering the goods efficiently, politely and with as little intrusion on the customer’s life as possible will make your customers love you, and they’ll tell their friends about how great you are. Failing to deliver can destroy your online business faster than you can imagine.

I hope for the life of me that We learn enough to make a brand Nigerian hotel owners, reviewers and hotel lovers will appreciate and grow fond of.

Traffic, Traffic Traffic- we sure need to generate traffic as soon as the website launches OR the CREDITOR will have my fingers and maybe toes.

Arghhh….. …..

Travel sites very popular with Nigerian internet users

Most travel agencies in Nigeria do not invest in having some online presence, with time I see them re-adjusting or running out of business.

I ran into a few:


Asides the weird looking picture of Mrs Sally Mbanefo this website looks well managed for a Nigerian based, government run website. You cannot really do much on it, but it gives you basic information and provides links to other service providers in Nigeria. The aim is to sell Nigeria and I give it a pass mark.


Wakanow is probably the most popular amongst the travel based websites in Nigeria. You can plan your trips with Wakanow, book flight tickets, reserve hotel rooms, airport pickups and drop-offs. Well managed, well run this is certainly the best of them all.

3) www​

Lonely planet Nigeria gives advice on the best places to stay, best places for entertainment, places to avoid, where to shop e.t.c. Not well run in my opinion- Lonely planet perhaps not investing as much in Nigeria because of our image problems and lack of structures in the hospitality industry.


Mayfair Travels website, they claim to be the leaders in travel services in Nigeria with a variety of services on offer. I got put off by a long form I had to fill out to request a flight booking. In simple terms you cannot book a flight directly through them. Process is not straight forward, it defeats the aim of ‘ease’ a major selling point for internet based services.

Have a wonderful day folks……