Hurray!! Finally Found 15 Hotels With Websites That Function In Abuja. :)

Two men are shot down in Vietnam and imprisoned in the infamous Hoa Lo prison. They are isolated, chained to cement slabs, and continuously beaten with rusty shackles and tortured for information. Yet all through these men are receiving the same abuse, they form radically different beliefs about their experience. One man decides that his life is over, and in order to avoid any additional pain, commits suicide. The other pulls from these brutalizing events a deeper belief in himself, his fellow man, and his Creator than he’s ever had. This experience was used to remind people of the world the power of the HUMAN SPIRIT to overcome virtually any level of pain, ANY CHALLENGE, or any problem.

I just realized that whenever I think of booking hotels for holidays in Europe, I tend to jump on the Internet for hours looking for the best available deals. But for some reason I realized that after relocating to Nigeria, I haven’t gotten on the Internet to make local bookings of any kind. My colleague and I who are in charge of making bookings for members of staff in our organization tend to make calls directly to the hotels or third party agents. We decided to set ourselves a challenge –  for a month all hotel bookings we need to make will be made online, (no exceptions) through the hotels or third party booking agency website.

Challenge! Challenge!! Maybe because my subconscious has been made to believe for some reason that booking hotel rooms online in Nigeria is bound to be an arduous task, maybe it is because most of them don’t work (puzzled look). I cannot still pin down the reason for the change; I was however willing to give the ‘one-month’ challenge a good go. I decided however not to cheat on the challenge and went ahead to start the journey of making bookings for 13 colleagues without actually making any calls to the hotel or some travel agency and to be honest it’s been ‘different’. Whew! Sticking to our budget and a bit of standard, I was able to make the bookings for the 13 colleagues on day 3- whoop! Whoop! I observed as feared that some websites do not function, some do, some get you up until a point then functionality evades you. I won’t lie; it did my head in a bit, but I ended up getting what I needed and I proved to myself that although it is evident that the Nigerian hospitality industry is in dire need of ‘” (lol!) the industry is slowly becoming a 21st century enterprise. In due time the industry will gradually join the rest of the world in the jet age. Bookings will be made easy, check-in procedures will move past writing down peoples names on a piece of paper and the industry will grow and create diverse businesses.

While making the bookings, I also did a little bit of pointless researching and ran into the picture below:


I mean the above picture is discouraging; it has to be very bad publicity for the Nigerian travel industry as a whole… Ooh well! Thanks a lot Trip advisor!!!(sarcastic smile)

Much ado about nothing anyway :), below are 15 hotels in the Abuja Metropolis with functioning websites you can check them out for ideas on daily rates and service offers. I have also added two good third party booking hotel websites in Nigeria. Have a lovely day all.

Agura Hotels

Bolingo Hotels & Tower

Bolton White Hotels

Chelsea Hotel

Dannic Hotels

Dayspring Hotels

Denis Hotel

Grace Point Resort

Gracious Hotel

Hawthorn Suites

Hotel De Bently

Hotel Rosebud

Nicon Luxury Hotel

Nordic Villa

Protea Hotel Apo Apartments

Wakanow Hotel Nigeria


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