There are no more pizza boxes, What! How! in a pizza shop? Lol!

A few things infuriate the ‘average man’, one is definitely offering to pack my pizza into a supermarket like paper bag(tesco bags) or nylon bag as it is referred to around here.


So I decided to get two boxes of pizza from my favorite pizza place in Area 3, Abuja (Pizza Inn). I couldn’t wait, pulled up in front of pizza inn, walked in and ordered a meaty feast and a pepperoni pizza, rubbing my hands in anticipation, I waited patiently for my pizza to be properly cooked.


Catching a glimpse of the tv and probably tweeting about my pizza wait the attendant gave me a shout after about 15minutes, Sir I have your pizza ready. I went to the counter and found the attendant visibly worried while looking around frantically for something, I took the time out to count the cash out and placed it on the counter and waited.


Hello I said, can you pack my pizza in the boxes I need to head home now. He turned and said ermm Oga (sir) we don’t have any pizza boxes left, my boss has not ordered new boxes and he has gone home.


Wow! Wow! What do you mean you do not have boxes so where am I supposed to put my pizza, in my palms I suppose arghhh. He responded Sorry Sir, I can pack it into our nylon bags (paper bags). Do what you like I said and went to seat back down.


He packed it into the bags, grabbed my money off the counter and came over to where I was sited and handed the bags over to me. He even instructed me on how to carry the bags properly to avoid the content squashing. ‘OGA NO VEX’ (please don’t be upset sir) he repeated as I exited the building.


Looking back now, I find it so funny that a pizza shop can run out of boxes. Even after running out they still decided to sell to customers without offering any discounts or at least informing them before they placed their orders.

I still haven’t forgiven them so I have decided to stay off pizza for at least another five months. I’ll change my mind though if I get offered vouchers for free pizzas or massive discounts for those months. Hehehe J


Have a lovely weekend all.


One thought on “There are no more pizza boxes, What! How! in a pizza shop? Lol!

  1. lol! This is funny and interesting. I must add that pizza place in area 3 is also my favourite, I havent encountered any problems yet though

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