The Best Hotel Room Ever (psych)

Who doesn’t love to travel and stay in a hotel at the expense of a big business (buhuhahah)..

So after a 7hour trip by road to Anambra State, eastern Nigeria and some meetings after we arrived our destination, I couldn’t wait to jump on my bed and order room service.

Finally after about 9hours it was time to head up to my room- opened the door and found wires sticking out of the electricity switch.

Arghhhh, I don’t like this.

I called the front desk they immediately sent a nice gentleman up, he smiled and said Sir don’t be scared nothing will happen to you.
The gentleman probably did not realise that my issue was not ‘fear’ but anger that they had the nerve to sell the room in this state.

It took two days for the wires to get tucked back in. Whew!

I also found a cockroach in my bathroom, I should have taken a picture lol! I did not complain this time, I just let it slide and happily shared my room with the roach 🙂 .

Cannot wait to head back home…..


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