The Review Effect

“Even amazing tasting food cannot beat a great customer service experience” – TF

Many restaurant lovers will agree with me on the above statement, still buzzing months after the experience. 🙂

After my amazing experience at the breathtaking Cape Town Fish Market, a restaurant on Oxford Street somewhere in London, I went about telling all friends who cared to listen about my wonderful experience, in essence I should be paid for free advertisement lol!  I also left positive reviews on every website I could find to encourage everyone to give it a try. And yes, I left what I consider a huge tip. 🙂

Staff members were amazing. I took a picture with our wonderful host and I am sure he makes enough in tips alone to live like a king in many countries. Lol!


The ‘review effect’ works magic, so a platform where undecided hoteliers and restaurant lovers can be guided towards making a decision on where to stay or eat based on positive or negative reviews will do the hospitality industry in Nigeria a whole lot of good. will be live very soon, anticipate…


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