Totesphere- The burning need to start a Nigerian based review website


A very close friend discussed with me a bad experience she went through at a particular hotel in Enugu state, Nigeria.

I was surprised at the poor level of service she received and even after complaining the attempt at resolving the issue left a lot to the imagination.

I asked her, Anike did you write a comment on trip advisor to deter other people from going there? She responded with what is tripadvisor, I have no time and ultimately it is not my responsibility to guide anyone else.

In a nutshell, her responses encouraged the creation of, a platform designed for Nigerian hotel dwellers to guide other hotel lovers while doubling as a ‘customer driven hoteliers ‘watchdog.


“One size definitely does not fit all. Corporates and individuals have a huge choice and want to work with an agency that has advanced technology, specialist expertise and a thorough understanding of the buyer’s objectives and challenges”

We aim to build a third party hotel-booking agency that will focus on providing a unique service experience to each guest.


We will deliver on our motto ‘cater to you’: which means that each client will experience the best booking experience whenever they choose to use totesphere.


We will represent all classes of hotels and we will use our platform to promote discounted room deals, to advertise hotel services, restaurant deals and events within Nigeria.


We look forward to your patronage.